• Ready to transform your health, shed those pandemic pounds, supercharge your immunity,
    get energized, and look and feel your best? Yes!!

    Starts May 3rd to June 3rd, 2022

  • Imagine a year from now, you've hiked up the mountain in the tropics, just in time for the sunrise, something you thought was impossible for you a year ago. You feel the balmy mountain breeze, you feel truly ALIVE! You feel on top of the world! A deep sense of gratitude fills your heart as you enjoy the spectacular view below you. No more aches and pains, you are in VIBRANT health! You are toned, strong, and at peace with your body. You are empowered, unstoppable and likely feel 8-10 years younger on the other side, and may even look it! Somebody pinch me!


    This is your new normal! You've moved past fear and overwhelm and you are nourishing and cleansing your body and living the life of your dreams. You are ENERGIZED and excited. You've understood how to nourish your body, mind and spirit! Imagine what is possible for you when you have the ENERGY and the SUPPORT you need...

  • A Transformational Journey with Food

    Let's jump-start your energy! Experience CLEANSING as a game changer for your health! Let's bring PLAY and FUN back into your kitchen and seriously nourish your body. Let's bring back great health, the calm and peace in our bodies. Let's flood the body with POSITIVITY and ENERGY!

    For the newbie or the experienced, you'll learn cutting-edge techniques, how to CLEANSE effectively and nourish your body at the highest level for vibrant health! We'll do this together virtually in our kitchens with love and support with a great group of like-minded, high-vibe women from around the globe. Release toxins, stresses that no longer serve you. You deserve the best health! No more dieting, you'll be FEASTING on off-the-charts delicious cooked and raw plant-based foods. You'll enjoy LONGEVITY foods and SUPERCHARGE your IMMUNITY!


    You'll learn how to use FOOD as MEDICINE and connect with a high vibe community who has your back! What we put into our mouth changes the quality of our life. Enjoy nutritious, delectable cuisines from around the world. Sunita brings ancient wisdom with a modern twist! Let's wake up those TASTE buds and truly come ALIVE!

  • To our amazing health conscious women...

    It’s easy to get into a food rut! But in chaotic and uncertain times like this, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. 


    But if there’s a hidden gem in this pandemic, it’s pushing us to redefine ourselves. It’s telling us to go inwards, reflect on what’s important, and change what’s not working. It’s telling us to take time to NOURISH our body, mind, and spirit.


    Let’s face it: Even if you’re already cooking somewhat healthy at home on most days – if it’s not enjoyable and not sustainable, you’re adding on the pounds. That means it’s time to RE-EVALUATE what you’re doing and REFRESH it so that it is FUN, brings you JOY, and fuels your energy, your body, and your vitality!


    So if you know it’s time for you to transform your BODY from the inside out, you’re going to love the supportive, positive group energy from Sunita and the Raw Food Center team, the accountability, the support and the inspiration you’ll get during these 30 days of FOCUS, to supercharge your immunity and energy, lose weight and keep it off, while transforming your body from the inside out together!

    Here’s what You'll accomplish with this program...

    1. You’ll love what you see in the mirror! You’ll be inspired by our cutting-edge culinary tools & techniques.  Lose those “Pandemic pounds” and inches off your waistline for good. No more muffin top, your curves are back and YOU feel fabulous! (Somebody pinch me!)

    2. You’ll break through old eating patterns through our proven easy to follow, step-by-step system and experience the game-changing power of cleansing for boosting your immunity and feeling energized from head to toe.

    3. You’ll experience the benefits of raw food first hand! You’ll be amazed how youthful, gorgeous and confident you’ll feel in your own skin. Like a new woman!

    4. You’ll be able to think more clearly, be more in tune with your body, and be more intuitive and productive during your day. When you release old toxins and emotions from your body, you’ll be functioning more efficiently -- the way you’re truly meant to.


    5. You’ll say good-bye to your sugar cravings & binge eating and move into inspired action for a joyous healthy lifestyle ready for adventure!

  • How It Works




    PREPARING the body for
    a successful, transformative Spring Cleanse. Cleansing your environment, stocking your pantry & kitchen.



    Guided SPRING CLEANSE with winter ingredients & recipes. Feasting and enjoying the process. Grounding and connecting to your ESSENCE!



    Going DEEPER into Week TWO of the SPRING CLEANSE to clear out out the toxins, release the emotions, stressors and let go of all that no longer supports you. LIBERATE your body!



    TRANSITIONING out of the Winter Cleanse successfully and working on your BALANCED Winter Menu Plan to support your unique healthy lifestyle goals!

  • What's Included...

    Virtual Group Cleansing + Private Coaching
    30 Day Program

    SIX two-hour LIVE culinary coaching sessions in your Kitchen

    We will cook together in our kitchens LIVE on zoom and you get to ask questions, learn and seriously level up your culinary skills.

    This is the most FUN part of the program where you learn to PLAY in your kitchens while becoming really efficient with your time creating nourishing meals. Master the techniques and seriously up-level your kitchen and culinary skills! You don't want to miss this!!! All sessions will be recorded.


    Your kitchen is the heart-beat of your home, see it come alive with mouth-watering recipes!

    Guided TWO week Spring Cleanse

    Experience the game-changing power of Cleansing for your health! Receive the ACCOUNTABILTY and SUPPORT and our proven step-by-step guided system.

    We will be FEASTING on plant-based delicious food (cooked & RAW) and going deep to cleanse out your body, mind and emotions. For the experienced cleanser, you may cleanse for three weeks with our support.

    60 Minute Private Coaching
    with Chef Sunita Vira

    We focus on just you! If you have any health concerns or if you need help with binge eating or adding certain FOODS as MEDICINE to your lifestyle.


    This is your time to get your questions answered on any recipes, address your mindset around food, any stressors and balancing out your customised Spring Menu Plan.


    I am here for you! ;)

    TWO eBooks with delectable Plant-Based Recipes for the Winter 

    TWO beautifully designed eBook with quick & easy, mouth-watering recipes for Jump-starting into Vibrant Health in 2022! The first eBook will focus on Spring Recipes to prepare the body for the Cleanse. The second eBook will have delicious Spring Cleanse recipes. The recipes are inspired by Chef Sunita's travels around the world and based on her 20+ years of working with FOOD as MEDICINE.

    Chef Sunita brings ancient wisdom with a modern twist to her creations and crystalizes it down to simple easy steps that you can take into your lifestyle for vibrant health!

    TWO one-hour LIVE Fireside Chats with Q & A sessions 

    This is where you come to work on your mindset around food and receive additional support during the program. Get your questions answered and check-in during the Cleanse. Get a better understanding of your body and tune into your essence. Understanding, connecting and healing on a cellular level!


    You'll connect to our supportive high vibe group and learn from each other as we coach you.

  • Hi, I'm Sunita Vira and like many of you, I'm a health conscious foodie. I'm a publisher author, chef, a nutrition coach & a retreat leader. I want to support you especially during these challenging, stressful times where most fall off the wagon.


    I've been working with FOOD as MEDICINE for the over two decades. My goal is to help you get past feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen and enjoy making off-the-charts, delicious, nourishing meals effortlessly so you can enjoy vibrant health. I've spent countless hours in the kitchen, exploring cutting-edge techniques and ingredients from around the world with the latest scientific research to crystalize it down to quick & easy delicious recipes to take into your lifestyle.


    As a global traveller and a woman of Indian heritage, I offer you the world in terms of cuisine, flavors, spices, preparations and techniques.


    As a healer, I approach food with respect and embrace raw (or nearly-raw), living, plant-based foods that result in increased energy, boosted immunity, disease prevention, effective weight management, clearer eyesight, glowing skin, thicker hair, better sleep, improved metabolism and fertility, deceleration of the aging process, and relief from depression and anxiety.


    Cleansing has changed my life! I experience its undeniable benefits every day. It grounds me, inspires me and gives me the energy and clarity to pursue my dreams! I want the same for you and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits firsthand. Just imagine what is possible when you feel AMAZING!

  • Schedule

    BONUS! LIVE Orientation Session 1: May 3rd, Tuesday at 12:30pm CST

    LIVE Culinary Session 2: May 11th, Wednesday at 12:30pm CST– SPRING Cleanse

    LIVE Culinary Session 3: May 14th, Saturday at 2pm CST– SPRING Cleanse

    LIVE Q & A: May 16th, Monday at 12:30pm CST– Fireside Chats Session One

    LIVE Culinary Session 4: May 18th, Wednesday at 12:30 pm CST– SPRING Cleanse

    LIVE Culinary Session 5: May 21st, Saturday at 2pm CST– SPRING Cleanse

    LIVE Q & A: May 23rd, Monday at 12:30pm CST– Fireside Chats Session Two

    LIVE Culinary Session 6: May 25th, Wednesday at 12:30pm CST– SPRING Cleanse

    Week of May 30th for Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Sunita

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